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Live Performances

I have a vast amount of performance experience that I have accumulated over my professional career. I work well under pressure and learn guitar parts very quickly. I have performed in front of audience sizes in the thousands in a number of different venues as well as toured across the country. I have developed versatility from playing many different genres of music from RnB and Jazz to Reggae and Pop. You can always count on me to get the job done to a high professional standard.


Recording Sessions

As an experienced musician, I have access to state-of-the-art guitar recording equipment in my home studio, as well as competent knowledge of the recording software Logic Pro X; with this in mind I am in a good position to produce remote session guitar recordings if needed. I understand that with recording sessions in professional studios, time is money. Due to this fact I will follow any directions given to me by producers/artists with efficiency and professionalism.


Arranging and Producer

During my time working as a professional musician I have found a common issue, particularly with original music, is translating a recording into a good live performance. This is something I am able to advise on, and I take great care in arranging and directing artists so as to get the best out of their live performances and musical material. 

I also have professional experience with Logic Pro X and have produced ad released music for artist.



As well as being a live performer and recording musician, I am also a DBS certified tutor. I have experience teaching children and adults of all ages from beginner to intermediate guitar. I take great pride in watching my students progress to be the type of musicians they aspire to be, and I have patience and understanding with all my pupils, who all learn at different rates.

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